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Introducing NEW Big Green Egg Premium Quality, 100% Weatherproof Custom EGG Nest Covers. Keep your EGG looking like new with these attractive heavy-duty, weatherproof covers, designed to work perfectly for years to come! Premium-quality fabric resists fading and offers increased durability even in extreme temperatures.

  • Features Big Green Egg logo and coordinating piping
  • Easy off and on with convenient handle
  • Hook-and-Loop Fastener for added protection
  • Ventilated to prevent moisture buildup

Care: Hand or machine wash cover with cold water at gentle setting. Do not bleach; line dry only.

  • For a 2XL EGG in a Nest – 117007
  • For an XLarge EGG in a Nest – 116994
  • For a Large EGG in a Nest – 116987
  • For a Medium EGG in a Nest – 116970
  • For a Small EGG in a Nest – 116963
  • For a MiniMax EGG in a Nest – 116956
  • For a Mini EGG in a Nest – 116949

5 reviews

DennieB - Nest Covers

Posted by DennieB on July 8, 2019

The quality of this cover is fantastic. Although it’s expensive, you get what you pay for. I highly recommend it. It’s fits my XL Egg like a glove.

AdamEgg - Nest Covers

Posted by AdamEgg on February 13, 2019

Works great at protecting my Egg from the weather and the UV from the sun. A bit expensive, but like other Egg products, the quality speaks for itself.

devon - Nest Covers

Posted by devon on December 6, 2018

It’s VERY heavy, which is good except in very cold weather. The piping that runs around it gets very rigid which makes it difficult at times to put over the egg. The older version was thinner and easier to take on and off.

Rick Roesler - Nest Covers

Posted by Rick Roesler on February 11, 2018

This is an awesome product, very durable, simple to use. simply put there is no better way to protect your Big Green Egg . this nest cover stands up to even the worst old man winter can throw at it. and in Wisconsin that can be rather bad, so when the Big Green Egg isn’t in use it’s always protected.

T-Bone - Nest Covers

Posted by T-Bone on November 22, 2016

These covers are GREAT. Mine will fit my XL with the Nest Handler and the 3-Slat Composite Mates with no problem. This cover is made of some heavy-duty fabric.