Beer Corn

Recipe courtesy of Mel Chmilar Jr., BGETeamGreen member @darksideofthegrill

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  • Sweet corn, husk on, trimmed on the end
  • Bottle of beer, your choice
  • Mayonnaise, optional
  • Cojita cheese, optional
  • Tanjin or favorite bbq rub, optional
  • Bacon bits, optional
  • Chives, optional



Gallon-sized resealable bag


Two hours before the cook, twist and loosen the husk so that it separates from the kernels just enough to allow the beer inside. Remove any loose husk pieces. Place the corn and beer in a gallon-sized resealable bag with all the air removed. Work the beer around the bag to make sure it’s distributed evenly. Refrigerate, moving it around again after one hour to circulate the beer.

Set the EGG up for indirect cooking with the convEGGor at 300°F/149°C.

Remove the corn from the beer marinade and place on the grid. Check for doneness after cooking for 30 minutes. Remove from the grill once the husk starts separating a little bit from the corn and the kernels get soft. Wrap the corn in tin foil and let them rest for 5 minutes. Remove the husk and enjoy!

For a street corn preparation, add mayonnaise, cojita cheese, tanjin, bacon bits and chives. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Beer Corn”

  1. Made your beer corn. Also, I liked the way you demonstrated how to cook the corn.Mel was most helpful. This was my first time cooking corn with the husk still on the corn. Really good and easy to do .7-25-21
    P.S. Don’t have a Big green egg grill, as I was told about this video from my buddy who has aBig Green Egg grill. Great video for me***Thanks for sharing……

  2. I made this today for Labor day 2020. After watching @Darksideofthegrill knew I needed to try it. Thank you Mel and Big Green Egg for sharing this tasty side dish. This will be added to the rotation. EggOn


    Russ Welch

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