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Big Green Egg Acacia Hardwood Tables are fabricated from all-natural, kiln-dried solid planks of genuine acacia wood, which is highly regarded for its excellent weathering characteristics.
  • Solid Acacia Hardwood Table for XLarge EGG ­– 118264 61in L x 32in W x 31in H (1.5m L x .8m W .8m H)
  • Solid Acacia Hardwood Table for Large EGG ­– 118257 60in L x 25in W x 31in H (1.5m L x .6m W .8m H)

3 reviews

SeattleEggHeadL15 - Hardwood Tables - Acacia

Posted by SeattleEggHeadL15 on April 15, 2019

I like it, it is solid yet not overly heavy. Took me about 20 minutes to put together.
I purchased the green egg brand wheels for this table, so I could move it around. They worked perfectly. I will be putting a large trivet or something to set hot things on while transferring to / from the egg. I did burn a small section of the table.

Ben Booth - Hardwood Tables - Acacia

Posted by Ben Booth on April 13, 2019

I’ve seen other tables and i’m Sure they are just fine but i wanted a table that was easy to get and i just made my purchase at the store that i bought my BGE at, so i purchased this table. It was easy to assemble and it looks great. My time was limited so this was the right fit for me. I love my table as I’m sure others enjoy their table.

Jack Hellmer - Hardwood Tables - Acacia

Posted by Jack Hellmer on October 7, 2018

The table looks great and is very easy to assemble! The new Egg Table Hooks that Green Egg came out are a must, when buying this table. This table is a great product at a great price!