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The EGG Genius effortlessly controls the temperature of your EGG through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Remotely manage and monitor cooking temperatures for worry-free cooking and monitor the temperature of your food. You can also view graphs of your past cooks. Lastly, you will receive alerts when your cook is finished or when the EGG temperature is too high or low. Please read about our firmware update below.
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Remote control for your Big Green Egg

Notice to users when setting up the EGG Genius: Our latest firmware update has been released (April 2019) for Big Green Egg’s Egg Genius. This update addresses connectivity issues that may occur when controllers are used in areas with weak WiFi signals or slow internet connections. This update will help users who have noticed that their controller frequently drops its connection to Flame Boss cloud servers. Users who have been experiencing these issues may have trouble completing the update because of a dropped connection to the servers delivering the update. The update must be downloaded completely during one connection. If the download is interrupted, it will start from the beginning when the controller is reconnected to the server. To download the latest firmware to your controller (the green box with the blower assembly), please follow these next steps.

Step 1: Open the EGG Genius App on your mobile device and make sure you are logged into your account.
Step 2: For this setup, make sure your controller (the green box with blower assembly) is as close to your WiFi router as possible (you can even do this part indoors). Plug the controller into a power source and look for a slow blinking green light (called AP Mode). DO NOT PLUG IN ANY PROBES AT THIS POINT. If you are not getting a slow blinking light please contact Flame Boss Customer Support at 1-800-978-9078 and they can have you up and running in a few minutes.
Step 3: Once the controller displays a solid green light, this confirms the controller is connected to WiFi and a download is in process. Do not touch the controller until you receive a text message on your phone saying you have successfully uploaded the latest firmware (this can take up to an hour). Once that is complete, you can attach the controller to your EGG (outside), insert the probes and begin enjoying the Ultimate Cooking Experience!
If you still cannot update or connect your device please contact Flame Boss Customer Support at 1-800-978-9078 and they can have you up and running in a few minutes. Details:
  • Control the device through your smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely manage and monitor the internal temperature of the EGG
  • Monitor the temperature of your food; view graphs of your cooks • Receive alerts when your cook is finished or when the EGG temperature is too high or low
  • Quickly and easily reach your desired cooking temperature as the blower ramps up to fan the lighted charcoal; once the desired temp is reached, the variable speed blower automatically adjusts the blower speed to optimize the set temperature.
  • Automatically lowers the pit temperature to keep your food warm when the cook is complete.
  • Detects the sudden temperature drop from opening the dome and turns the fan off temporarily to avoid over-stoking the fire.
  • In the case of a power outage, the unit continues running at the saved set temperature and reconnects to the WiFi network automatically when power returns.
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Includes 2 industrial-duty thermometer probes for accurate readings to 500°F/260°C.
Technical & Warranty Support Contact: 800-978-9078
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST
Use up to 3 meat probes at once – additional meat probes with Y-cable can be purchased separately.

12 reviews

Jeff - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Jeff on September 7, 2019

Wow, this thing is great! It brings my Q to a whole new level. Works VERY well, no issues at all. The app (for iphone) is easy to install and connects well. This device is well worth every penny.

Bill - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Bill on July 28, 2019

I bought the Genius to replace the cyber Q. The cyber Q is complete junk btw. This is a great piece of gear. Easy to install. Effortless to use. I live being able to share my cooks with my son in law in Texas.

Martin - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Martin on July 14, 2019

The Egg Genius is fantastic. Keeps constant temperatures even in the middle of winter. A 16 hour low and slow cook is now easy. No need to adjust the vents every 30 minutes or so. If you do low and slow this is a must have. Totally worth it.

Robert Drisaldi - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Robert Drisaldi on July 7, 2019

Although the previous reviews were good, I was still steptical. Bought my genius on July 3rd and have used it twice…….one comment on this device; GAME CHANGING. Maintains temp better than my oven. Really impressive. The app also makes it easy to monitor, although there isn’t a need to. Amazing. Worth EVERY dime, if you’re into low and slow cooking. Lastly, the technical support is incredible.

Kenneth Remington - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Kenneth Remington on June 16, 2019

Down load the update software program before you try to use this. I was ready to return it as it was useless and I was very irritated that I had just wasted $ 229. I ran into the description on line and after watching twice I realized what they were telling me. 15 minutes later I realized I had almost made a big error. This thing works great.

Jack Headley - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Jack Headley on April 11, 2019

I had a DigiQ II and it worked really good but I decided to pick up an Egg Genius for the wireless connection and I made the right decision. The ease of setting up makes me use it all the time, not just for low and slows. It keeps the temperature exactly where I want with zero hassle.

Joe - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Joe on March 31, 2019

I have had it for a week now and first cook went pretty well. Down loaded the the latest firmware update 3/30/19 and smoked a brisket. It preformed flawless. Update fixed a couple of hiccups experienced during first cook. Thanks for update. FYI It also works great on my iPad. Love the Genius

Denis - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Denis on January 1, 2019

My wife gave me this xmas after owning a Large Egg for a year and this works amazing. A must have \! I smoked a Brisket overnight for 16 hours and the EGG Genius kept the temperature at 250 all the times. The temperature swing from 248 to 252 over the 16 hours cook. The app works great as well and it even know when you open the EGG so it put the EGG Genius on hold until you close the EGG again.

DarrylnPTC - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by DarrylnPTC on December 19, 2018

I just purchased the Egg Genius to cook a prime rib and smoked turkey over the holidays. I did a trial run to set up WiFi Alexa and see the temperature controls in action. Set up was easy to be honest. The grill reached my target 250 and I reset to 240 using Alexa. Worked very well. After about 3-4 hours was at 240 then spiked a little but reverted to 240. The app sent a message to the phone.

Duke of Earl - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Duke of Earl on November 10, 2018

I used this for the first time to smoke a brisket. Outside temperature was 19 with a windchill of 0. The genius performed flawlessly. There was ice on it when I took it off the grill. It never missed a beat. I don’t miss the $200+ I paid for it.

Paul Shanks - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Paul Shanks on October 23, 2018

Mine arrived this morning. Down loaded the ap, instant connection, could not have been easier. Put on a angus chuck roast. Perfect, effortless. Why slow cook without it.

Gary Thornton - NEW! EGG Genius

Posted by Gary Thornton on October 14, 2018

Performs exactly as advertised.
A must have!!!!