NEW! Carbon Steel Wok

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Fire up the EGG and stir-fry your way to Big Green Egg flavor. Perfectly designed to work with the EGGspander. The Big Green Egg Carbon Steel Wok is perfect for stir-frying meats, seafood, and vegetarian meals. The traditional dual-handle design provides a firm grip, and the heavy-duty carbon steel disperses heat evenly and quickly for even cooking.


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  • Fast-heating cooking surface is perfect for stir-frying meats, seafood and veggies
  • Traditional 2-handle design; dual handles provide a firm grip
  • Heavy-duty 18-gauge carbon steel; carbon steel disperses heat evenly and quickly
  • Sloping sides ensure food stays directly over the heat of the charcoal heat and makes tossing the food easier
  • Includes a handy [17 in / 43 cm]  bamboo spatula; spatula fits the shape of the wok for easy turning of foods
  • In addition to use on the EGG, the flat bottom wok is designed to sit directly on the heat source, making it perfect for all types of cooktops including electric coil, gas or induction.
  • Item Code: 120779

CARE: Once the wok is seasoned, don’t use soap to clean it. Instead, soak the wok in hot water for 5 minutes to loosen stuck-on food. Then wash the interior with hot water and a soft sponge, and the exterior with hot water and a scrubber sponge. Dry completely and apply vegetable oil before storing.


Carbon Steel Wok

5 reviews for NEW! Carbon Steel Wok

  1. James Fernandez

    I used it tonight so easy to use and clean made the best stir fry I have ever made. It was also very easy to season.

  2. Dale Hansen

    Love this new utensil I purchased for my Large Egg. It just added another dimension to my egging eggsperiance So simple, yet food is awesome . Seasoned the Wok was so simple. When finished began cooking. WOW It’s amazing the healthy tasty dishes you can create. Cleanup is also fast and simple . Kudos to BGE for the vision to add this great accessory !!

  3. Maciek

    Take your grilling to another level with this cool wok. Make stir fry and so much more on the egg! Very easy to season and clean as well.

  4. Chris Sussman

    If the EGGspander wasn’t enough, this wok puts it over the top. Adding this carbon steel wok to the EGGspander allows you to do live fire wok cooking which is so much fun. I was never able to get my stove inside hot enough to properly cook on a wok… this, coupled with the Big Green Egg solves that problem!

  5. Martha Wolkonsky

    Incredible food! Thank goodness for the wok option because it’s nice to cook vegetables outside to accompany any meats. It’s easy, delicious and brings a new level of cooking to the BGE. Now you can prepare several dishes in one cook in one pan. I love this. We’ve cooked on it every day the first week of owning it.

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