Pizza & Baking Stone




Product Description

The Big Green Egg Pizza & Baking Stone is a versatile piece of cookware for baking a variety of recipes from pizzas to breads to desserts. The stone distributes heat for even baking and browning and the ceramics pull moisture from the outer surface of the dough for brick oven crustiness. The Pizza/Baking Stone retains heat, so your foods stay hot longer.

Pizza & Baking Stone 21″ – 401274
fits the 2XLarge and XLarge EGGs

Pizza & Baking Stone 14″ – 401014
fits the 2XLarge, XLarge and Large EGGs

Pizza & Baking Stone 12″ –401007
fits the 2XLarge, XLarge, Large, Medium, Small and MiniMax EGGs

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3 reviews

Jack Arnold - Pizza & Baking Stones

Posted by Jack Arnold on July 16, 2019

An absolute must for the best pizzas in the world! I actually now own 2 because the family is crazy about pizza on the BGE!

Rick Roesler - Pizza & Baking Stones

Posted by Rick Roesler on February 11, 2018

If you like Pizza, you’ll love it on the Big Green Egg using the Pizza & baking stone. doesn’t matter what it’s like outside cold or raining. I always fire up the Egg when having Pizza. taste is like no other. the oven just doesn’t do it for me.

theengle - Pizza & Baking Stones

Posted by theengle on November 30, 2017

Use this stone to make pizzas or calzones at least once a month.