Temperature Gauge – Dual-Probe Wireless Thermometer

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Cook like a pro with the Big Green Egg Dual Probe Remote Wireless Thermometer – accurately and precisely monitor anything you are cooking – and the internal EGG temperature at the same time – from a distance of up to 300 ft / 91m!

The wireless receiver displays both temperatures simultaneously so you are in control at all times – and an alert will sound when the desired temperature is reached!

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5 reviews for Temperature Gauge – Dual-Probe Wireless Thermometer

  1. John S.

    Worked right out of the box. Easy to use. Just the way I like it!

  2. Kmac

    Received a dual probe temp gauge for Christmas and was missing parts. Called local store and they replaced unit with a new thermometer. Used yesterday for the first time smoking pork ribs. Did a good job and alerted me when the temp was reached during a chilly Sunday afternoon. They manual is helpful to sync device for first time use. Will need to test on other meats.

  3. John Bradley

    Works as advertised. So, four stars for that.
    Why not five? Functionality.

    The unit is difficult to learn, and the included instructions really are not all that clear. Looks like the unit/manual was designed/written solely by engineers, but not really for consumers to learn intuitively.

    Why can’t I press “MEAT” to change the meat type? Instead, I have to hold “SET” for two seconds, then press “SET” two more times, then press “MEAT”, but I can’t use the up/down arrow keys. Instead, I have to press the “MEAT” button thru the entire list, when maybe I just needed to go back one selection. Same for the other settings. Seems simply having a button for meat, another for temp, another for alarm, etc, would be easy enough, using the existing up/down buttons for selection after the item is highlighted.

    Basically, all the functions of the unit — which work very well — are difficult to manipulate.
    They need to release an updated model.

  4. Bryan

    I agree 100% with John Bradley’s review.
    This product work great, but pain in butt to use.
    Needs better instructions or update unit all together.

  5. John Allen

    Agree with John, it’s just really difficult to operate. I was almost ready to chuck it, but we finally got some functionality. The instructions are difficult at best.

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