Band and Hinge Assembly



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Product Description

Replacement Hinge, Band & Handle Assembly for all EGG sizes.
2XL EGG – 119421
XLarge EGG – 117908
Large EGG – 117984
Medium EGG – 120021
Small or MiniMax EGG – 126870
Mini EGG – 117922

7 reviews

Charles "Wally" Cox - Band and Hinge Assembly

Posted by Charles "Wally" Cox on October 8, 2018

Outstanding improvement over the older hinge assembly. Easy installation (1 hour) on my 6yo Egg. Opening and closing is effortless.

Ben - Band and Hinge Assembly

Posted by Ben on April 21, 2018

Awesome bit of kit. I struggled for years with the old style large bands. They never aligned and opening was a lot heavier.

Timothy Pinto - Band and Hinge Assembly

Posted by Timothy Pinto on July 8, 2017

Pricey, but solved my issue of Large lid being hard on my elbows to open. Went from 20# opening force to 12# as checked with a scale.

Bob Bourdaud'hui - Band and Hinge Assembly

Posted by Bob Bourdaud'hui on June 13, 2017

Wonderful response from BGE Customer Support today to my query into if this new hinge would fit my 17 yr old BGE. Luckily it does. Performance review to follow but it s looks a whole lot better!

Mike Linker - Band and Hinge Assembly

Posted by Mike Linker on June 11, 2017

After 12 years the lid would not stay firmly in the up position. Also the lid and base were out of alignment and after years of adjusting it now longer provided the ideal seal. Purchased this kit and installed in about an hour. The provided instructions were easy to follow and the YouTube videos were also helpful. 4 stars because the lid does not open as wide as before.

Tim - Band and Hinge Assembly

Posted by Tim on April 6, 2017

Phenomenal improvement over the older model on my 2007-era XL BGE. Very easy install, (Mind the boltholes, finger-tighten, and start with the bottom band first) and the adjustment spacers are brilliant. Great product, typical of BGE.

Larry - Band and Hinge Assembly

Posted by Larry on March 12, 2017

Nice improved design for the large Egg. Very easy install and adjustment too.