Chef David “Big Swole” Rose is a modern version of the Renaissance man. He is a biker, cigar aficionado, clothing designer, food columnist, summa cum laude graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College … and Big Green Egg devotee.

This “biker chef,” as he has become known, is well versed in the culinary arts, with proficiency in French, Southern, Jamaican, Italian, Japanese and Spanish cuisines. “My passion is educating people and exposing them to new things.  Education through entertainment is my motto,” says David.

“I come from a very large Jamaican family … my mom is one of thirteen children, and I’m one of eight. After my parents emigrated from Jamaica, they both worked as chefs, and I remember going to work with them at a very young age and being amazed at the diversity in flavors and the different techniques by which food could be prepared.”

“Holiday dinners for us were more than meals … they were events,” reminisces David. “At the family pot lucks I learned so much about flavor profiles and textures that to this day have influenced me as a chef.”

“Growing up in New Jersey, I had a lot of  Jewish, Italian, French, Indian and Korean friends, and I loved trying all of the different foods when I’d visit their homes … Korean pancakes, brioche, gnocchi with clam sauce … I had my first experience eating fois gras when I was nine years old. I’ve always been an adventurous eater, but it wasn’t until much later that I decided to turn my passion into my profession.”


As the face of Harley-Davidson’s Iron Elite Campaign, which celebrates the history of African-American Harley-Davidson® bikers, Big Swole’s persona and motorcycle are recognized internationally in the motorcycle community. “While traveling for Harley-Davidson,” says David, “I started thinking that it would be really cool if there was a way to encompass all of my passions, all my likes, all my hobbies under one umbrella. I saw the vision, and created my own culinary events based around bikes, cigars and the Big Green Egg.”

“The Big Green Egg is so versatile … and the craftsmanship and design of this product absolutely can’t be beat. The EGG is very forgiving and so easy to use, which makes grilling, roasting and smoking approachable for the novice. I make all of the traditional standards … with my own twist, of course. I like to take conventional and stand it on its head.”

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