Chris Sussman Podcast


Big Green Egg Podcast with #BGETeamGreen member Chris Sussman

 Chris Sussman @The_BBQ_Buddha #BGETeamGreen member – I work with all kinds of live fire environments, from charcoal and gas grills to commercial grade smokers, and everything in-between. I have mastered the art of grilling on the Big Green Egg in order to help people just like you get up to speed quickly and become the star of your next backyard BBQ.

My focus is to teach you, through my recipes and yours, how to use your 5 senses to produce great results on your grill or smoker. Move past things like time and temperature and learn to use the environment around you to produce amazing BBQ every time.

Recipe: Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Chris Sussman's Pork Belly Burnt End


• 1 pound piece of Pork Belly
• BBQ Rub • BBQ Sauce
• Honey


1. Trim the pork belly
2. Cut the pork belly into 1″ cubes
3. Cover the pork belly pieces in your favorite rub
4. Place pork belly pieces on wire rack
5. Setup the Big Green Egg with convEGGtor for indirect cooking and preheat to 275° using Hickory Wood for the smoke
6. Place the pork belly pieces in the BGE sitting on the wire rack
7. Smoke for 3 hours spraying with apple juice every hour until the pork measures 190° internally
8. Pull the pork pieces and place in aluminum pan
9. Cover the pork belly pieces with BBQ sauce and toss evenly
10. Drizzle honey over the pan of BBQ sauce covered pork belly and place back into the smoker
11. Let cook another hour until the sauce has reduced and caramelized on the pork belly pieces
12. Pull and serve