Dual Brush Grill & Pizza Stone Scrubber

The Dual Brush Grill & Pizza Stone Scrubber has simple clean lines, with no creases, so it fits comfortably in your hand making it easy to use when you clean your cooking grid and pizza stone.

* Rubberized lock knobs allow easy removal and replacement of the scrubber pad, no separate tool necessary

* The curvature of both handles has been optimized for improved ergonomics when using in EGGs

* The plastic handles are high density polyethylene and all metal components are stainless steel, providing a weatherproof tool which can last many years

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Heavy duty, stainless steel mesh scrubber pads outperform wire brushes – with no bristles to come loose.

• The dual brush design also works perfectly to easily remove baked-on remnants from your Pizza & Baking Stone

• Features a sturdy, ergonomic handle

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